Sep 162014
Film or SMD feed roller - capstan 8mm/16mm/35mm...

Designing a combination roller/capstan for the telecine prototype as the mounting of current sprocket has some wobble in the mounting. Also need at least one more roller to improve film tension and frame position stability/accuracy. Plus looking to use for SMD, 8mm and 35mm films, so have been making the scripts very easy to change [...]

Sep 022014

The telecine code has been opensourced here. Readme extract: MovieFeedControl Summary: This code controls two stepper motors for film feed and take-off. Sendkeys is used to send keystrokes to computer application to trigger frame capture via chosen camera – application. So you need an Arduino Leonardo or Teensy. Currently only tested on Teensy3, minor changes [...]

Sep 012014

There is plenty of good information about the web and several summaries of telecine methods, but I still struggled to choose the best approach that suited my goals. Partly as I need hands on to better understand things and partly as different summaries were incomplete, in conflict, or out of date. So hopefully this summary [...]

Aug 312014
Telecine simple, cheap prototype in action.

Simple(ish) telecine prototype that has very flexible construction options. Below is the prototype in action converting a film. Sorry about the clutter, will post some build photos that are a bit clearer in next posts. It is cheap … depending on parts you have. I had steppers, projector, case, power supply and a film scanner [...]

Apr 242014
First projects using new 'pimped out' personal hackerkspace

The layout and organisation of what goes where is evolving, but is already proving pretty good! Just won an auction for about 35 square meters of 30mm thick particle board ~700kg!. So now can do a full renovation (walls, ceiling and storage) on my machine room (garage) after another auction win (~700kg of 30mm particle [...]

Apr 242014
Desk rennovation

While moving table to fit server rack, the table was still fully loaded and stuff on the floor underneath, so when the desk was slid sideways – “CRACK” – one table leg support broke out of the timber! Plus already needed to fit table into changed space. So added bracing and supports/rails for under table [...]

Apr 242014
Keyboard hack

While upgrading my workdesk with an under desk keyboard sliding tray, I eventually realised that a full size keyboard left no room for a mouse! As the new workspace upgrade had already extended into weeks of effort, the photos show the quick hack solution. Works well, although after a week or so, the keyboard has [...]

Apr 242014
Converting chaos into a personal hackerspace

After leaving XinCheJian hackerspace in Shangahi and heading back to Australia, I just had to upgrade my workspace, as I seemed to spend more time searching for things than doing stuff! Was lucky to win two auctions one with eleven full working sets of server rails and other bits and another with a full size [...]

Mar 192014
Thread climbing motor

After being challenged to use a small motor to make something simple and interesting, first thinking was on variations of a useless machine, but seeing just how many already exist, the following simple “climber” was put together in 10 minutes.