{U}sable{D}evices Wiki – collating and sharing useful information

One of the goals of this site is to share information, and of course that should not just be any information, but ‘useful stuff’.  With the Internet and growth of the information society or whatever buzz words spring to mind, there is a huge volume of information available. Lots of it is readily accessible and good quality, but a lot is hard to find, or easy to find – if you know what to look for or where to look, or information is easy to find, but only in bits that are widely dispersed and would benefit from a central summary.

This site is attempting to build a community to reduce these issues. I am making a start by collating the Inspiration posts onto the Wiki. This will provide a summary list view and detailed pages, as well as add the Semantic MediaWiki enhancements (web 2 features) and allow easier re-use of the information.

This site is not trying to be a repository, not trying to be a “web directory”, although there will be aspects of both, but trying to provide useful “stepping stones” to find targeted/structured information for people at all skill and knowledge levels. It is up to the readers of this site to see if this approach has any merit, to modify the approach, and hopefully join in and build the community.

The inspirations on the Wiki will soon be followed with more technically focussed information in several areas, so please keep an eye on the {U}sable{D}evices site, as these will be valuable resources to help you get started, and please join in with reviews and contributions.