OCN set top box menu language, PVR and more English content.

To change the menu language from Chinese to English and other languages, and back again.

First up, please read this  post on the remote control English button names. It also has a brief description on using the PVR (recording) functions.

To navigate the menu system, read the on screen prompts, they do provide instructions on getting to the favourite menus and other sub windows panels.

To change from current language to English:

  • Turn on TV and the OCN STB.
  • Make sure you are viewing an OCN cable channel on the TV.
  • Press the following buttons on the remote and you should then see a screen similar to those below.
  • Press arrows keys until the yellow menu highlight is on the 5th menu on the left (second from the bottom).
  • Press OK or Right to select the inner menu.
  • Press up or down arrows keys until the yellow menu highlight is on the menu second from the bottom left corner.

  • Press OK or right to select the User menu, then Enter password 1234.

  • Press Down arrow to select User parameters, then press OK or right to enter the sub-menu.

  • Press down arrow to select 4th menu item, then press Left or Right arrows repeatedly, until the desired language appears.
  • Press Down to get to the OK, then press OK, then Guide, Exit, and finally Return.

To switch from English back to Chinese, the process is the same, except of course choosing the other language.

I have only tried this with the larger model that has the PVR functionality. The smaller STB & remote should work the same, and hopefully there is enough help here to get you going on that model.

The additional English content is mostly education or language, but there are a LOT of channels & “radio” stations, you may well find some interesting things that suit your needs, I’ve only had a quick browse!

I can confirm that the EPG is lacking a lot of detail. It really only lists the timeslot and type of show, there is no episode or movie information. For example you might see when a movie is playing, but it will not say what the movie is, and then a large portion of the EPG on the two English channels is still in Chinese. I guess the VOD (Video On Demand) button will work if you subscribe to the advanced services – maybe you also get better EPG content on those channels!

The PVR function does work. I did manual and scheduled recordings, and the reserve function also works (this just switches to the show instead of recording it).