Air-mouse update

Added header pins to the Xadow breakout board, plugged in the MMU 6050 sensor, uploaded the SAME code been testing on the Teensy++2 and success – the Xadow works as an air mouse!

I did comment out the button code as I have loaned my buttons to another Xinchejian Assistive devices team member. Also changed the movement sensitivity.

Will probably use the Teensy to continue the sensor – library debugging as it has heaps of IO to drive LEDs or a logic analyser. Will also move the draft code for the virtual button control to both boards and then should have a fully functional mouse. There are a lot more features planned, so this will be a highly capable and highly adaptable mouse!

A Xinchejian members first experience is in this second video – only instruction to him was hold like this and rotate! Seems like he was quite impressed!

Xadow movement detection demonstration

Xadow Demo1 Acceleration detector
Xadow Demo1 Acceleration detector

This more complicated demonstration uses an accelerometer to detect movement, displays accelerometer values on the OLED display and vibrates to indicate movement detected!

The demo code works first time, although the wiki instructions do need a little update to help klutzes like me. I’ll have to get stuck into those updates next!