Swarm Robot competition entry and workshop

SwarmRobot with new IR shield PCB
SwarmRobot with new IR shield PCB

Just put in a huge effort to enter the Xinchejian SwarmRobot into the AFRON competition.

Also used the assembly instructions created as part of the entry to help run a  workshop with other Xinchejian members making SwarmRobots. The workshop was pretty successful, although our preparation was lacking a bit with an untested PCB that just arrived and was assembled for the first time during the workshop and a different power switch that did match the board!

Definitely time for a more relaxed pace – exploring the Lophilo and a few other projects!

Hello Lophilo

No “Hello World”, no blinking LEDs yet, but the Lophilo LEDs are controllable through the example shell scripts!

Lophilo signed board #2 All LEDs on.
Lophilo signed board #2 All LEDs on.
Lophilo signed board #2 1 LED via shell script and button push.
Lophilo signed board #2 1 LED via shell script and button push.








First impressions

  • more in the box than I expected – already almost complete, extremely professional!
  • WOW – signed board #2!
  • it is a very complex PCB
  • it really is a computer (ahem you have to push the on button, not just plug it in “:oops:”)
  • I can’t wait to get stuck into the FPGA – have several projects in mind
  • I can’t wait to get into the cloud9 environment
  • I can’t wait do heaps more

The new Lophilo board has also been run through most of the test procedure successfully. The tests that have not yet been completed are due to my poor Linux skills!

The training that is included with this version of the Lophilo will help fix that and get me up to speed with the FPGA.

Been busy @Xinchejian!

Xinchejian Swarm Robots and the new motor driver PCB, IR shield and the Afron competition entry.

Helped run the Xinchejian Advanced Arduino course and getting PartKeepr  setup for Xinchejian.

Plus of course Lophilo– see post before this one!

Enjoying lots of extremely good presentations at Xinchejian – here is a link to this weeks sound and video processing, Nixies and LED cube and Haxl8r!

Nixies on display at Xinchejian





And there are several other major projects actively being worked on, but none are yet into any state to talk about!