Community events on the wiki

A “Community Event list” has been started to list key information on interesting ‘special’ events related to creating, making, tinkering, hacking, or your own  community.

These events, may be organised by local communities, but are not ‘local’ community events, they special events, that are widely advertised, open to others and hopefully share the outcomes.

It is linked in the main navigation on the left hand side.

The list format and content is very much in test stage – this is my first Wiki, let alone leaping into using Semantic MedaiWiki extensions.

A rough to do list is:

  • to link in the data entry form,
  • add several views of the events for example a list / table and calendar styles, and
  • keep adding in more events.

A key theme of {U}sable {D}evices is Community Sharing, which goes hand in hand with contributing, so please jump in and add to the Wiki, or discuss changes.

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