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  • Site issues:                                webadministrator at this site
  • Content and other matters:    spanner888  at this site

Legal and copyright.

These matters are guided by the sites core goals:

  • open community sharing, lets all help each other.
  • unrestricted access

The general intent for different content on site is:

  • Blog content Copyright 2011
  • Wiki and forums are treated as community created content that is publicly shared.
  • Projects: Each project community will select an appropriate licence, preferably open with attribution.

Attribution for each of the above would be a nice courtesy on re-use of any content. This is important for the warm fuzzy feelings and encouragement, but more importantly helps the originating community know of improvements or re-use for different purpose.

If you wish to re-use something and the above do not suit, please contact us to discuss alternatives. This site has no wish to mandate, dictate or force the use of any particular Open Hardware or Open Source Hardware approach nor any other perspective or licensing scheme. Such restrictions conflict with open sharing goals.

While it is clear that these are necessary and provide useful support, the current state of copyright, licensing, patents, design registration etc, when applied to work that contains documents, photos, circuit and PCB designs is a horrible mess!   Research work for this site must have gathered enough information for “50” posts on these matters. Some summary information will be posted in due course.

The approach of open sharing, thus non-restrictive, does not prohibit individuals or businesses licensing for commercial use. It is my personal opinion that for disadvantaged individuals and communities, that there are clear needs for both open non commercial and open commercial licences.

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