SwarmRobot competition closing soon!

Reminder: Only a few days until entries close November 30, 2012, 6AM GMT

Your entry only has to be idea – you do not have to make anything to enter! Don’t be tricked by lack of visible updates about the competition, the web site traffic show that is is reasonable interest in the competition 🙂

All you need to do is write a submission on what you would do with the SwarmRobot PCBs. The winners will be those displaying the best spirit of open sharing and learning in what they intend to do with the PCBs and how they intend to do this.

Prizes 15 PCB pairs (main controller and IR shield).

  • Individuals – 5 prizes of 1 PCB pair
  • Maker/Hacker spaces or other like minded groups – 2 prizes, each of 5 pairs of PCBs

Detailed information on the competition and how to enter can be found at:

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